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A permit is required when adding any load supporting structures to your home (deck/porch/addition) or making any structural repairs/remodeling to your home. Also, any changes to your home's mechanical, electrical or plumbing system may require a permit.

No credible, licensed contractor should ever suggest the customer supply the permit unless they are operating as a sub-contractor and the homeowner is the general contractor. The permit is attached liability, meaning the person's name on the permit is responsible for any defects or changes required.

Great question! Nowadays everyone has licensed on their truck. While in some cases they may be a licensed NCGC, typically it means they just hold a city issued a business license (a form of tracking revenue for taxation reasons). In the state of NC anyone can operate as a building "contractor" for projects up to $30,000 with this useless license. It is strongly suggested to use only a NCGC for remodeling projects of any size.

No. Many deck contractors use sub-contractors to construct you outdoor deck. We use all company-employed carpenters at Exterior Additions to insure the quality of our final project and to protect our customers from costly liens. If you consider any other contractors make sure to get lien releases if they using sub-contractors.

A free estimate may consist of a site visit, phone consultation or email correspondence. On most porch projects a site visit is suggested to discuss details in depth and explore options. If you are only interested in planning a future project (budgeting only) we would prefer you to visit our Project Estimator or Contact Us and will be happy to ballpark your project. After the site visit we will email over a detailed estimate for your review, typically within five working days

For most porch projects the answer is no. If there are special circumstances, elaborate roof lines, lot concerns or layout issues, a rendering is suggested. We have designers we can refer to you if needed. FYI all additions that include any conditioned area (heated) require full plans in most municipalities.

In our last 13 years of service we have worked with many HOAs in the area. Once under contract we will provide you a detailed rendering and specification sheet for you to submit with any community provided paperwork. We will do our best to make the process as painless as possible.

Our office is in Indian Trail NC, about two miles east of I-485. We typically service a 25 mile radius of the office. We can travel farther but additional overhead will be incurred, which will result in a higher estimate. Under most circumstances we will not exceed 40 miles from our office. Please call for details.


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The simple answer is that we are volunteering our time, fuel, vehicle and years of expertise at no cost to the prospective customer. In return we kindly ask that some flexibility be reciprocated. We will gladly visit the site, depending on the location, from 8-5, Mon-Fri. We respectfully reserve the weekends for our families.

Absolutely! Our portfolio speaks for itself with dozens of projects in excess of $100K. We will be happy to provide references and further details, just give us a call. Be sure to stop by our Portfolio page to view many examples of projects we have completed.